Neighbours often help each other out, and two industries in Hawkesbury who are neighbours are doing just that.

Tulmar Safety Systems manufactures safety equipment for airline and military use at its Cameron Street plant and the Green Beaver Company manufactures personal care products made from all-natural ingredients a couple of blocks away at its facility on Tupper Street.  The two companies have been supplying each other with products required to help their operations continue during the current pandemic.

Green Beaver, which employs 27 people, added hand sanitizer to its product line in the spring of 2020.  The hand sanitizer is among the products being exchanged with Tulmar.  In the spring of 2020, Tulmar, which has 85 employees in Hawkesbury, collaborated with medical staff at Hawkesbury and District General Hospital, and developed a transparent face shield visor.  Those visors are among the products assisting staff at Green Beaver.

“Right here at home, there’s companies doing great stuff no one knows about,” said Jean-Martin Lortie, Senior Director of Sales and Marketing for Green Beaver.

Green Beaver hand sanitizer contains 70 per cent alcohol, which is 10 per cent more than what is required.  It also contains a series of essential oils and moisturizers that are designed to give it a better smell and make it easier on skin than other brands.

The pandemic has led to changes in which markets Tulmar supplies.  Phillips said that aviation business is down by 40 per cent, but the company is now manufacturing life vests for the Department of National Defence to be used by the Canadian Armed Forces.

Tulmar has also seen 20 to 25 per cent increase in online sales.  The company has even hired more employees to respond to online orders.  The company has an online store now where even large corporate customers can make equipment purchases at  Tulmar has also started manufacturing safety equipment for the mining industry.

Green Beaver has begun selling its products online in China.  For Canadian customers, their products are sold by many drugstore and supermarket chains, and online at