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Career opportunities at The Review

Although career opportunities at The Review may not always be available, we always welcome hearing from talented and passionate individuals who share our values.

We live in a changing world and you never know what opportunity is around the next corner! At The Review, we value creativity, dedication, and a love for the outdoors and gardening.

The members of our team are passionate about their local community and enjoy gardening, cooking, and exploring the outdoors.

In terms of work skills, we have writers, graphic designers, editors, proofreaders, sales reps, digital marketing experts, and website designers on staff. Additionally, we hire freelancers for photography, web design, marketing, and special writing projects.

At The Review, we strive to provide our readership with high-quality content that both informs and entertains. We believe that community journalism is an essential part of a thriving democracy, and we take our responsibility as a community journalist seriously. Therefore, we actively work towards fulfilling our role in the community.

If you’re passionate about local news and making a difference in your community, then The Review could be the perfect place for you to further your career.

New projects are coming our way all the time, so we encourage you to send your resume to the boss!

Email publisher Louise Sproule here: [email protected] and tell her what you’re good at and what type of work you like to do. Who knows, the next opportunity could be just around the corner!