Lachute town council approved the 2021 municipal budget on December 14.

Council wanted to approve a budget that supports development through significant investments in infrastructure, and to meet the economic development objectives in the 2019-2025 municipal strategic plan. Council also attempted to make budget decisions that respected the financial concerns of citizens.

The 2021 balanced budget of the town of Lachute totals $26.5 million, an increase of $1,690,200 million or 6.8 per cent from 2020.

“The citizens of the town of Lachute are always at the heart of the priorities of members of the town council. That’s why we are happy to announce a freeze on the average tax bill for 2021 for all sectors– residential, commercial, and industrial,” said Lachute Mayor Carl Péloquin.

In 2021, the average tax bill for an urban residence with a value of $200,500 will be approximately $2,354. Provincial government COVID-19 financial assistance granted to municipalities helped the town to proceed with the tax freeze in 2021, in addition to compensating for certain unforeseen expenses arising in connection with the pandemic. The total amount of the financial assistance was $975,000, of which more than $600,000 was used in the 2021 budget.

“This is the Council’s preferred means to support the whole community in order to face this extraordinary situation,” said Péloquin.

In 2021, the town of Lachute will continue its efforts with the economic development department of the MRC d’Argenteuil to enhance the Synercité industrial park, promoting job creation, retaining workers in the region, and improving the training offer for the workforce.

Town council intends to continue planning for the revitalization and redevelopment of municipal parks in 2021 by producing a master plan for parks.

The payment dates of the three installments of municipal taxes in 2021 will be the same as in 2020.  They are April 1, July 2 and October 1, 2021.

Details of the 2021 budget

The total anticipated income and expenses for the town of Lachute in 2021 are $26,657,900, which represents a 6.8 per cent increase compared from 2020. The total revenue comes from a taxation amount of $19,307,800, compensation in lieu of taxes and subsidies ($1,170,300), other income ($4,299,500), the redistribution of Régie Intermunicipale Argenteuil Deux-Montagnes ($294,300), and the allocation of a budget surplus of $731,500.

The municipal payroll budget is $10,092,700, or 38 per cent of the total budget. Goods and services represent a total of $12,330,400, while debt service charges amount to $3,644,400. Cash payments for fixed assets and other expenses total $590,400.

Major capital investments in Lachute in 2021 include:

  • $5.2 million for the drinking water filtration station located on Chemin de Dunany. The town’s contribution of $1,833,600 as well as the contributions from the federal and provincial government funding total $3,366,400
  • Infrastructure maintenance in urban areas, particularly on rue Georges at Evelina, rues Laurier and Dupré from boulevard Tessier, and rue Fern and rue des Colibris and des Hirondelles representing investments of more than $ 7.5 million
  • $2,234,100 for the maintenance of infrastructure in the rural sector $5,560,000 in the development of new streets (avenues of Lorraine and Barron) $4,749,200 for the development of the underground infrastructure network of Synercité business park
  • $1,644,700 for equipment and vehicle renewal
  • $879,500 for the development of green and blue spaces
  • investment of $600,000 to carry out roofing and window work at the new Jean-Marc-Belzile Library.

“It is important to note that the City of Lachute has succeeded, for several years, in keeping one of the lowest tax bills compared to comparable municipalities, while maintaining a competitive level of service,” said Péloquin.