According to the Eastern Ontario Health Unit (EOHU), the COVID-19 outbreak at Maxville Manor remained in effect on Tuesday, August 4.

The EOHU reported 180 cumulative cases of COVID-19 within its territory as of Tuesday, August 4, which was an increase from 176 cumulative cases one week ago. As of August 3, 158 of the 180 cumulative cases were considered resolved by the EOHU.

There were 11 active cases of COVID-19 across the territory of the EOHU on August 4, which was unchanged from July 28.  Five of those active cases and 102 resolved cases were among residents of the United Counties of Prescott and Russell.  There were also five active cases and 32 resolved cases among residents of Stormont, Dundas, and Glengarry counties on August 4.  Among residents of the City of Cornwall, there was one active case of COVID-19 and 24 resolved cases as of August 4.

On Tuesday, two COVID-19 patients from the territory of the EOHU were in hospital and no patients were in intensive care.

For nine weeks, the total number of deaths due to COVID-19 within the EOHU’s jurisdiction has fortunately remained unchanged at 11.

Testing total

The EOHU operates six COVID-19 testing and assessment centres throughout its territory in partnership with local hospitals and medical clinics.  As of August 4, 29,285 people had been tested at all six facilities, which are located in Hawkesbury, Alexandria, Casselman, Rockland, Cornwall, and Winchester.  Paramedics also provide home testing for people who cannot visit one of the testing and assessment centres.

Ontario statistics

As of August 4, the cumulative number of confirmed COVID-19 cases across Ontario was 39,628.  On July 28, the cumulative total had been 38,910. As August 4, the Ministry of Health had listed 35,601 or 89.8 per cent of the 39,628 cases as resolved.

As of July 28, there were 78 COVID-19 patients in hospital across Ontario, of which 28 were in intensive care, and 15 patients were on ventilators.

There had been 2,782 deaths due to COVID-19 across Ontario as of Tuesday, August 4.  That was an increase of 14 deaths from July 28.

Confirmed and resolved COVID-19 cases under EOHU jurisdiction as of Tuesday, August 4, 2020.

Map: Eastern Ontario Health Unit.