The very first virtual edition of Canadian Amateur Musicians/Musiciens Amateurs du Canada’s (CAMMAC’s) 2020 Summer Music Camp was launched in July, with classes and activities taking place through September.

Amateur musicians of all ages and abilities are invited to connect and make music through an inspiring online learning experience.
Since mid-July, CAMMAC’s summer music camp has been offering a wide range of music classes online. Students can choose between a wide range of disciplines and genres, from classical piano to world percussion. Private and semi-private classes, group classes, workshops and conferences are available, offered by an impressive lineup of experienced professional musicians. Notable conferences include 400 Years of Opera, A History of One of the Major Genres of Classical Music, presented in collaboration with the Opéra de Montréal, with Pierre Vachon, Musicologist and Director of Communications for the Opéra De Montréal.

A fun series of free virtual get-togethers is also on offer: participants and teachers meet in an informal online setting, giving them a little taste of the “camp life” that participants usually experience at CAMMAC throughout the summer. Among the activities: Virtual Cocktails, Cabaret and Chat evenings and Trivia Night. CAMMAC teachers are also creating video clips for the summer camp, including the quintessential CAMMAC happening, “Wine and Cheese with Francis” presented by François Colpron, Artistic Director of Les Boréades de Montréal and Program Director for Week 3 at CAMMAC.

The intention for the new virtual program is that it will become part of the CAMMAC Music Centre program even after the global health crisis is resolved. “For information and registration: