To The Editor,

The COVID-19 crisis looks as if it is winding down.  I think our federal provincial and local politicians did a great job keeping level heads and providing a consistent message during this crisis.  Canadians are getting over the crisis with a lot more financial support than people in other parts of the world received.

Great job, but now the hard work starts.

We went into this crisis with a health care system at capacity.  Successive governments have cut, slashed and down-sized health care against the advice of health care professionals.  We must begin to rebuild.

COVID-19 highlighted the terrible condition that some seniors are forced to live in, if they were fortunate enough to survive the crisis.  This must be addressed.  Everyone is going to get old.

The COVID-19 crisis has shown that we need federal standards along with federal support for health care and for seniors residences.

Where is this support going to come from?  It turns out we spent $18 billion sending troops to Afghanistan from 2001 to 2014.  Our troops are well appreciated at home so let’s keep them here.  We are planning on spending $6.4 billion dollars to buy fighter planes.  I believe that the money could be better spent on projects that will benefit all Canadians.  Health care and senior care would be a good place to start.

Roger McCallum