Last month, I answered some of the questions I’ve gotten about massage over the years, but there were more to share.

1. Is it normal to be sore or bruised after a massage?

A: Some techniques are more likely to bruise but the average massage shouldn’t. Same with pain the next day. Often being sore after the massage is an indication that the pressure was too much for you. Let us know so we can lighten up for the next visit.

2. Should I tip?

A: If you’re in a spa, then yes, tips are expected for spa treatments. Otherwise, tips are not expected.

3. I’m afraid of getting an erection, what happens if I do?

A: It doesn’t happen often, but it happens. Usually when the patient is asleep or very relaxed. We understand there is a physiological reason for it and won’t be judging you. Typically we will change pressure or area of treatment and ignore the actual erection. Being sexually aroused during a massage is a very different situation and one that won’t be tolerated.

4. A massage needs to be deep/painful to be effective, right?

A: No. A certain amount of pressure is needed but it is often a lot less than people expect. Some discomfort is normal but it should always remain within your tolerance level.

5. Massage is for those who are super fit and have perfect bodies.

A: Absolutely not. A massage room is a judgement free zone and if it isn’t, find a new therapist. We see all body types because the world is full of them and there is no “right” body type regardless of what the media currently deems the only acceptable one. Besides, I’m picturing your muscles not the fat you may or may not have.

6. I’m afraid of falling asleep, what if I snore?

A: Snoring, drooling, we’ve seen it all. If you are comfortable enough with us to fall asleep, we take it as a compliment. I’ll wake you when it’s time to turn over or the treatment ends.

As with most areas of life, communication is key. Please ask your therapist if you have any questions.