In Toronto, I was asked if I did “that kind of massage”. You know, the kind you find advertised on the back page of free city newspapers or with neon lights near the airport. The kind Jennifer Love Hewitt portrays on The Client List. Which, by the way, is not the show you want to have come on when you’re watching TV with your dad and you are still in massage school!

Since moving to Vankleek Hill, the question has changed to “do you provide receipts?”.  But what you really want to ask is “Are you registered in Ontario?”.  Anyone can give you a receipt, so that answer will likely be yes. Whether your insurance company covers your massage is the actual question. Every massage therapist registered in Ontario can be found on the website under “Public Register: Find an RMT”. If your massage is given by someone not on that list, the insurance company will eventually figure it out and stop covering those massages.

More important, being registered in Ontario means that your RMT is well-trained and fully insured against incident. We are also required to maintain our education through a mandatory continuing education program and comply to the same standards of care and charting as doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, and other healthcare providers.

So yes, I do provide receipts, but definitely not the other thing.