Scrubs will be the third fundraising event organized by Louise Stephenson and her company, Zudio. Prior to Scrubs, Stephenson created Floor on Fire where 24 local firefighters jumped onstage to dance to some Latin beats to raise money for burn victims. The Floor on Fire event raised $16,670. Her second event involved local OPP officers who also did some Zumba under the We Got The Power theme and raised $16,415 for Sacha’s Park in L’Orignal.

This year, it will be Hawkesbury General Hosptial’s medical staff who will feel the heat. Twenty medical professionals, including Drs Richard McCall, Yvan Leblanc and Jeffrey Sirzyk will pump up their cardio to raise funds for the new MRI and CT Scan through the HGH foundation which needs to raise 4 million for these two pieces of equipment. The Zumba event will be held at the same time as the HGH Foundation’s Radiotelethon.

“I’m having a great turnout this year from the fundraising participants. We have 7 doctors and 13 nurses who will be there on the October 15. That brings my total to 20, which is great, but I would love to have 30 total.” said Stephenson.

The Facebook event already has more than 115 people going or interested in the event. There are 120 tickets available which will be on sale shortly. Regular tickets will be $20 and participants will get the chance to win participation prizes. VIP tickets at 50$ and 100$ will also be available to raise more funds.

“The higher-priced tickets are obviously made available to raise more funds for the HGH Foundation. But when you calculate the cost of the class, the goodie bags, shirts and the prizes, you definitely get your money back from these higher-priced tickets” added Stephenson.

The basic $20 ticket will be used to buy a defibrillator for Zudio so that all instructors of various disciplines can have access to the life-saving device. The funds from sponsored medical participants and the $50 and $100 tickets will be given entirely to the HGH Foundation and the MRI and CT Scan campaign. Pledges made to participating medical staff are eligible for a tax receipt (minimum donation of $10).

Scrubs will be held on October 15 in Pleasant Corner Public School’s gym and will take place from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. If you are interested in buying tickets or sponsoring a participant you can contact Louise Stephenson at [email protected] or 613-330-9678.