A major condo project was unveiled on August 16 in Grenville. The project was developed by Marc-André Lagarde, Maurice Giroux, Stéphane Roquebrune and Bob Hartley. Construction started in early 2016, but the project itself was a labour of love that started four years ago when the development team scouted the Argenteuil area for the perfect site.

“I come from Hawkesbury and my partners are all from the Lachute area. We were looking for a challenge and real estate was a common interest. When I was a young kid, I used to play football where the condos are now built. And I remember how much I loved going there.” said Hartley.

“So one morning, after visiting a couple of sites in Lachute, I told my partners about this beautiful land next to the water that was for sale. The view and access is all great. I’m a hockey guy, not a developer but I just had a hunch. As soon as we got on the site, we all fell in love with it. That was 3 or 4 years ago. We really took the time to find the right way to do this thing. It was our first project, so we were very careful about everything.”

Unlike most developers, the team decided not to sell the units as condos but to rent instead. The reason behind this strategy was that they were looking into a specific market. Although anyone can rent the condos, they aimed for the 55 and older market. According to Hartley and the people they surveyed, people in this age bracket are mostly looking for hassle-free and peaceful living with quality amenities. The renters have access to a pool, outdoor games and lounging areas overlooking the river.

“Our initial plan was to build one first but, halfway through the building the first one, the second one already had two floors pre-rented. We really didn’t know what to expect, but the response from people all over was just phenomenal. Now when we cross the bridge towards Grenville, you see the church and the newly built condos. It really changed the look of the town. Today were are fully rented. We made people really happy on both sides of the border.” concluded Hartley.