“Touch the Sky” was the them of the annual fundraising event at the Dalkeith…Plus! library on Saturday, September 23.  The day included firefighters and an aerial truck, an ultralight and a hot air balloon basket, a drone and a few model airplanes plus plenty of kites, all on display outside on the baseball field. 

Inside visitors could see static displays on life with Air Canada, how to keep birds safe from high-rises, nature’s flying machines and a model of one designed by Leonardo da Vinci. Guests had the opportunity to meet “Gimli Glider” Captain Bob Pearson and Pearl Dion, a passenger on that plane. They were joined by George Birt, also a Captain with Air Canada, who flew the plane after it was put back in service. He was accompanied by his wife Melanie, a flight attendant.

Other guests included astronomer Harry Ewen, former air force member Serge Lavallee, model aircraft enthusiast Jacques Des Becquets, and balloonist Emilie Perron-Clow.  

Touch the Sky, submitted photos