To The Editor,

I am not for nor against the creation of a heritage list in Champlain Township.

I do fear the creation, support and or making a list for the sake of having a list.

I question what, who, why, where and when will the criteria be made available and adopted by the Township to determine what is historical.

This could be a Champlain resident volunteer project to get a proposal together.

Making a list without criteria, for the sake of making a list, is just another waste of time and possible conflict.

It could be predicted that whatever group of individuals and or associations volunteer to propose a criteria for measurement and or qualification of potentially listing a site for the list, will be open to negative and constructed criticism that will hinder the creation of such a list.

This is now Champlain. Vankleek Hill and l’Orignal are one, as is Champlain Township. This must be accepted as historical sites are all over Champlain Township.

Richard Charest, Vankleek Hill