Dear Mayor Riopel and township council,

Many cultures say that you need to know where you come from to know where you are going. Being mindful of heritage homes and buildings is part of this. It speaks of history, of heritage. As we grow older as a society, I am always touched by those who have enough vision to be guardians of memories and historical truth.

Champlain urban planner Jennifer Laforest is one of those visionary thinkers – as an urban planner, she is devoting herself to put to action a vision that is forward thinking, ensuring a legacy for future generations. One could say she sees the greater beauty of our town, and unveils its fragility.

Her proposal to form a heritage buildings inventory, far less restrictive than heritage registries that many enlightened town councils have nevertheless implemented in Quebec and Ontario, was sadly dismissed by our own Council members. I fail to see why, but one could speculate. Are developers and the money they bring on a higher priority level than respect for the character and soul of our towns? How well informed, and open minded, are our counselors? Actions speak louder than words – as does inaction.

And what it is saying is not encouraging and sad.


Sylvie Bouchard,

Vankleek Hill