Dear Councillors,

I was very disappointed to learn that you had voted down the idea of creating a heritage inventory of our township. I hope you will reconsider. This would cost the township and the tax payers nothing, but it would contribute to the future prosperity of our community.

I live in a heritage house in Vankleek Hill (one of the ‘Two Sisters’ on Derby Street) and I volunteer at the Arbor Gallery, another heritage gem. One only has to look at the empty store fronts on Main Street to realize that this village could use more economic activity. Tourism and culture already account for a lot of the activity in our community. Think of the recent garden tour, the Christmas Home shows, Porchfest, the Fair and the many other festivals which our community supports, most of which involve heritage properties. A heritage inventory would allow us to develop other ways in which our unique characteristics could be used to better our community.

Again, I hope you will reconsider and discuss this issue at the forthcoming council meeting.

Respectfully yours,

Bonnie Laing

Vankleek Hill