There’s a new chair at Wentworth township council.

On August 7, a group of children who live in Wentworth presented the Generations Chair to the municipal council. The chair is a citizen initiative, started by Environmental Consulting Committee member and founding Wild Wentworth trustee Diane Choquet and aims to remind elected officials that every decision made today will have an impact on the future of generations to come.

Created by a dozen children during an activity at the Dunany Country Club, this chair will have a symbolic place and will represent the children’s voice.

“This Generations Chair is a fantastic tool to engage the youngest generations into both expressing their feelings about their environment and showing them ways to DO something about it. It also showed them that their voices can be heard in government, and that their concerns matter!” explained Revilla Sauvé and Stephanie Logothetis, who are in charge of all junior activities at the Dunany Country Club.

The chair is covered in tree bark, butterflies and planets. The children let their imaginations guide them in creating the chair. They also wrote messages on the chair, such as “thank you for taking care of our lakes” and “protect us”.

The municipal council is committed to placing the chair permanently in the council room.

“This chair will remind us that every decision we make today will make a big difference. Whether it’s decisions related to housing, conservation, residential projects, waste management or even lake protection, every one of them will have an impact for future generations,” said Mayor Jason Morrison.

The Mothers Step In group is spearheading the Generations Chair project, and to date has mobilized children and students from all over Québec to decorate chairs given to elected municipal officials. The Township of Wentworth is currently the first municipality in the MRC d’Argenteuil to adopt the project.

“We need our neighbors, our region, our province and our country to carry the torch with us. Together, we can certainly make a difference,” Morrison added.

The completed Wentworth Generations Chair. Submitted photo.