This Week in Local History – March 22, 2023 – The Review Archives

10 Years ago

Lachute named worst overall city

The Review, March 27, 2013 – LACHUTE – MoneySense magazine has named the City of Lachute as the “worst overall city to live in” in its annual list of the worst places to live in Canada. “Lachute placed last on MoneySense’s 2013 ranking of 200 cities and towns – not because it isn’t beautiful or because residents aren’t wonderful – but because the city falls behind in a number of key metrics that keep a city growing,” the magazine wrote.

25 Years Ago

Bell Falls Hydro dam will be revived

The Review, March 25, 1998 – CALUMET – A $10 million upgrade to the Bell Falls hydro-electric dam on the Rouge River is expected to start this spring and be completed by November. The dam, which was shut down in 1984, was built in 1911 and was capable of generating five megawatts of power. The upgrades will allow the power plant to generate 9.9 megawatts once it is operational.

50 Years Ago

Maxville beats Hill in Molson Cup finals

The Review, March 28, 1973 – MAXVILLE – Last Saturday the Maxville Arena hosted the second annual Old Timers’ Hockey Tournament, with teams from Vankleek Hill, Maxville, Berwick and Long Sault, in the quest for the Molson Cup. The Hill boys topped Berwick 3-1 in the semifinals, before falling 2-1 to Maxville in a hard-fought final. Weldon McIntosh was outstanding in the Vankleek Hill net and won the tournament’s Best Goalie award.

75 Years Ago

Russian flag flies over Ontario Parliament Buildings

The Review, March 25, 1948 – TORONTO – A huge red flag with the hammer-and-sickle insignia of the Soviet Union fluttered over the Ontario Parliament Buildings in Toronto for a few hours on Monday morning. Discovered by Queen’s Park employees who arrived to raise the Union Jack over Parliament, the Russian flag had to be taken down by steeple Jack Charles Canute, after firemen failed to reach it. It could not be lowered, because whoever raised it had cut the flagpole’s halyards.

100 Years Ago

Alexandria Creamery modernizes

The Review, March 23, 1923 – ALEXANDRIA – Machinery of the most modern type is being received by the Graham Creamery in Alexandria and competent mechanics are setting up same. When the last machine is in place, the creamery will be second to none in Eastern Ontario as to equipment and efficiency.

125 Years Ago

Word of warning about the Yukon

The Review, March 25, 1898 – DAWSON CITY – There is one thing I would like to repeat and that is to warn anyone against coming to this country. If they will not heed this advice, let them under no circumstances attempt a sojourn here without at least a year’s worth of provisions in store and plenty of money in their pockets. A man that trusts to anything else than his grub to feed him during the winter will starve, surer than shooting. Dufferin Patullo, Special Correspondent, Montreal Herald