Grenville village council adopted the 2023 municipal budget on December 19. According to documents obtained from Director-General and Clerk-Treasurer Alain Léveillé, the balanced budget contains $2,878,774 in operating expenses and revenue, which is an increase of 4.28 per cent, or $118,086, from $2,760,688 in 2022.

Due to the increase in spending and operating costs, which are largely driven by inflation, the average tax bill in Grenville in 2023 will be $1.02 per $100 of a property’s value, which is an increase of 4.72 per cent from 98 cents per $100 of a property’s value in 2022. The $1.02 per $100 of valuation includes costs for waste collection, water and sewer services, and policing.

The base rate for residential property taxes in Grenville in 2023 will increase to 77 cents per $100 of valuation in 2023, from 73 cents per $100 of valuation in 2022. Non-residential property taxes in Grenville are increasing from 30 cents per $100 of valuation in 2022 to 35 cents per $100 of the property value in 2023.

The amount the village of Grenville pays for policing services from the Sûreté du Québec is increasing by 3.65 per cent in 2023. In 2022, the cost of policing the village was $123,240. In 2023, it will be $127,739.

The water and sewer rate for properties in Grenville is increasing by $70 per property in 2023 and fees for waste collection are increasing by $10 per property.

Capital plans

The village of Grenville has a three-year capital spending plan totaling $7,710,500. Most of the capital projects during the next three years will be paid for by grants, reserves, or surpluses in certain municipal funds.

In 2023, $3,621,250 in capital expenditures are planned. However, $2 million of that spending is continued work to rehabilitate and reconstruct the walls of the Grenville Canal. The Québec and federal governments are each funding 50 per cent of the project cost.

The second-largest capital project in Grenville in 2023 will be completion of the recreational path between rue Queen and the IGA store on rue Maple. The $850,000 project is being paid for with grant and reserve funding.

In 2024, $3,614,250 in capital expenditures are planned by the village of Grenville. At $2,500,000, the most expensive project will be reconstructing the intersection of rue Queen and rue Maple (Route 344). However, 85 per cent of the cost will be funded by the Ministère des transports du Québec. In 2024, $500,000 each will be spent on completing the canal rehabilitation project, and reconstructing rue du Canal Sud.

Currently, $470,000 in capital expenses are planned for the village of Grenville in 2025. The most significant expense on the list at this time is $150,000 for a new backhoe.