Arbor Gallery’s current 7 Works Collective exhibition is a strong testament to artist collaboration and creativity.  After plans for an artists’ residency failed due to the pandemic, they started meeting virtually on Zoom to share their artwork.  During one of the meetings, the idea of introducing challenges was born.  Each artist would show a work of art in their medium and the remaining six artists would create a piece in their own medium based on the visual prompt.

In their first project, aptly named Collaboration One, each artist was represented by a digital piece of a larger photograph by photographer Mario Cerroni, and then created in their own interpretation and style.  Visitors can admire it in the small hall of the gallery, as well as all seven challenges that followed, grouped together, and displayed in the Main Hall. This is the first time that this project is presented to the public, and that the artists admired their work in person and together.

The exhibition runs until Saturday, August 28, ending with a talk by the 7 Works Collective artists, titled Residency Reworked.  They will share their experience and collectors who have purchased artwork will be able to take them home.  Reservations for the talk can be made at the gallery.

Filles du Roy display in September

For September, Arbor Gallery Cultural Centre join forces with Annette Ouimet-Assad, Ouimet Farms and La Société d’histoire des Filles du Roy.

Commemorating the 350th anniversary of the last contingent of Filles du Roy to Nouvelle-France the Société has created Projet Banderoles 2023. Handmade banners prepared by their members each recount highlights about one of the Filles du Roy from the three founding governments, Montreal, Quebec and Trois-Rivières.  Complementing the Ouimet Farms event, over 110 banners will be displayed in the Main Hall of the gallery from September 1st to 25th.

“This is sure to please a lot of descendants of these women who were the mothers of a large part of Nouvelle-France’s population”, explains Sylvie Bouchard, gallery director, “on September 25th, appropriately Franco-Ontarian Day, the Voix de la Neufve France choir will sing in 17th century costumes at St-Grégoire Church, and then at the gallery, ending their concert at Ouimet Farms.” Several events such as genealogy day, conferences and kiosks are presented every weekend at Ouimet Farms until October 23. Programming can be found at Ouimet Farms and on their Facebook page.

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