Reaction has been positive from local residents to Vankleek Hill’s appearance on the small screen in the TVO series Crossroads: Beyond Boom & Bust.

The series, which profiles changes coming to small towns in Ontario, featured Vankleek Hill on July 18, in the final episode of the six-part series. The one-hour episode focused on how Vankleek’s Hill population has changed little in more than a century and featured several local residents talking about the community and challenges facing it in the future.

In comments posted on The Review‘s Facebook page, local viewers felt the program gave an accurate portrayal of the community. Here are some of the comments posted on The Review‘s Facebook page about the program:

“As a newcomer to Vankleek Hill (12 yrs in September) I still enjoyed learning about this town’s families and businesses ex. Beaus, Vineyard,” commented Laurence Normand. “It is not surprising that not much has changed. People do not leave, they stay here. Like it was said, the same families, big ones are still all here.”

“It was good,” said Vicki McRae. “What struck me were the comments about how you’re not “from there” until your family has been there for at least 3 generations. An unfortunate truth.”

“It was very informative and well presented,” remarked Adele Ann Robert. “Well worth watching.”

“It really showed the beauty of the town and how it has evolved and how it might evolve in the future with any population change that seems inevitable,” wrote Barry Goudreau. “I think that the town will not change drastically because of its long and storied history.”

The lack of change in Vankleek Hill over two centuries was a point emphasized throughout the TVO episode, with a focus on both the past and both anticipation and fear for the future of a small town possibly on the brink of huge growth. The episode featured interviews with both residents of the community and business owners, including André Martel of Martel & Sons Monuments, Steve Beauchesne from Beau’s Brewery, Andrea and Russell Gibbs from Gibbs Honey, Louise Sproule from The Review, and Morgan Overvest of Overvest Farms.

The six-episode series explored whether Ontario’s small towns can survive big industrial, social and cultural changes, exploring the stories of six small communities across Ontario confronting this question. In addition to Vankleek Hill, other towns featured include, Smiths Falls, Stratford, Napanee, Cobalt, and North Buxton.

For those who missed it, you can watch the entire video on the TVO website here: .