10 Years ago
Farmers worried by heat and lack of rain
The Review, July 18, 2012 – VANKLEEK HILL – An extended heat wave and lack of rain has local farmers worried about their crops and forced area municipalities to enact water rationing. Although farmers have to deal with hot temperatures every year, this summer has been exceptional. With a level two drought warning, farmers are praying for the rain to come soon.

25 Years Ago
Crime rate rises in Lachute-Brownsburg
The Review, July 23, 1997 – LACHUTE – There was more criminal activity in the area protected by the Lachute-Brownsburg Police Service last year, including more assaults, threats of violence and car thefts. A report by the police force showed that is criminal caseload increased by 10.3 per cent in 1996, as the number of criminal investigations rose to 877 from 795 in 1995.

50 Years Ago
Two killed in crash near Hawkesbury
The Review, July 19, 1972 – HAWKESBURY – A two-car head-on collision killed two people and injured two others last Thursday, about three miles east of Hawkesbury. Marcel Desjardins, 25, of Hawkesbury, the driver of one of the cars was killed instantly, while Yvon Leroux, also from Hawkesbury was pronounced dead on arrival at Ottawa Civic Hospital. Leroux was the driver of the second car and was accompanied by his younger brother Guy, who was taken to the Smith Clinic in Hawkesbury with chest injuries. Malcolm McLeod, 14, of L’Orignal, a passenger in the Desjardins vehicle is also at the Smith Clinic with a broken pelvis.

75 Years Ago
Hawkesbury youth missing in Micmac destroyer crash
The Review, July 25, 1947 – HAWKESBURY – AB Joseph Bernard Martel, 23, is listed as missing, after the Canadian destroyer Micmac collided with the 10,000-ton freighter Yarmouth County last week in a fog near the entrance to Halifax harbour. Martel served with the Royal Canadian Navy during World War II and had been discharged in November of 1945. He re-enlisted less than a year later and was posted to the Micmac.

100 Years Ago
‘Ten Nights in a Barroom’ was a big success
The Review, July 21, 1922 – VANKLEEK HILL – Fully 500 people turned out on Wednesday evening to the fairgrounds to see the picture entitled ‘Ten Nights in a Barroom’, put on by the director in aid of the Agricultural Society. The picture went with a swing and although pathetic at times, was immensely enjoyed for its entertainment and the morals displayed. The fair people deserve credit for providing such amusement especially for the price of 35 cents, as this picture is a recent release and 50 cents to $1 is the regular price all over.

125 Years Ago
Tax on dogs enacted
The Review, July 23, 1897 – VANKLEEK HILL –A bylaw was passed imposing a tax on $1 on all dogs and $2 on all bitches within the corporation. All canines must be registered with the town treasurer, Mr. Wm. McAdam, and a certificate and tag procured from him. This will rid the town of a number of useless curs. Dogs not registered or wearing tags may be impounded or killed by the constable or any person appointed to this duty by the mayor or police magistrate.