Dear Editor,
Just a short note to let you know that I enjoyed and benefited from reading Sonia Dignard’s article on upcoming Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA) initiatives (“Projects to create better communities”) in the June 8 edition of The Review.
I think that the initiatives will, indeed, improve communities, and the OFA is to be congratulated for all of its efforts. One project, in particular, caught my attention – the OFA’s plan to place signs nears farmer’s fields to describe the crop that is growing there, and the crop’s potential end uses. I think that this will serve an immense educational function, and I hope that people take the time to develop a better appreciation of the importance of agriculture in the region.
Thank you for publishing Ms. Dignard’s article, and I wish her and the OFA every future success in highlighting educating the public on the importance of farming in Glengarry, Stormont, Prescott and Russell.


Kerry Badgley

Kemptville, Ontario