Development decisions were on the agenda when Hawkesbury council met on January 24. 

Council approved a recommendation from the Planning Department to create three new residential lots intended for single family homes facing Cameron Street. These lots are part of the former school property on Champlain Street, which a developer is planning to convert into 17 apartment units. 

Councillor Robert Lefebvre asked Planner Céleste Cordonnier for confirmation that single-family homes would be built on the three lots and Cordonnier assured him of the plan. 

Councillor Yves Paquette thought the zoning should also be changed at the same time the approval is granted for the creation of the new lots. Cordonnier explained to him that the zoning could be amended at a later date. She noted there will be two different zoning categories, one for the apartment complex facing Champlain Street, and one for the three single-family home lots facing Cameron Street. 

Paquette said he would prefer to only approve the creation of the lot for the apartments on Champlain Street and approve the single-family dwelling lots with their appropriate zoning at a future meeting.  

Lefebvre suggested approving the recommendation to establish the lots but delaying approval of the by-law to a future meeting when the zoning may be included. Council agreed to Lefebvre’s suggestion and tabled the by-law. 

Roch Street dwellings approved

On January 24, council approved a part lot control by-law for a property on Roch Street which will allow the property owner to have two residential dwellings at each of the buildings being constructed.

There will be two units on each lot. There was no discussion among council members about the proposal before the recommendation and by-law were adopted.