Hockey fans will now be able to consume alcoholic beverages in the stands at the Vankleek Hill Community Centre. At its last regular meeting, township council approved extending the current liquor license for the Vankleek Hill Community Centre to include the ice surface and seating area. Previously, patrons were only permitted to consume alcoholic beverages in the reception hall (upstairs) and in the lounge area adjacent to the ice surface.

The municipally-owned and operated Cassburn landfill site will remain closed until further notice, but a report to council which was included in the January 19 council agenda package said that a meeting with the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP) was positive. The municipality is hoping for a three-year temporary approval in order to continue accepting waste from residents until the contamination attenuation zone has been properly delineated. An engineering firm has been engaged to prepare a new, temporary three-year Environmental Certificate of Approval.

In December 2020, council learned that a new design and operation plan had not yet been prepared, because the township had been waiting for ministry guidance on next steps for the contaminant plume north of the site.

The expropriated land was to be used for a contaminant attenuation zone, but the municipality has not identified the edge of the contaminant plume. In the meantime, the expropriation process which began in mid 2020, is still incomplete. The township is expropriating 28.56 acres of land north of the township’s landfill site. In a memo to council, Public Works Director S√©bastien Levesque said that the counsel for the owner of the land being expropriated has responded and that the municipality’s counsel will be preparing a response. The memo said that the municipality could be “cautiously optimistic” about reaching an agreement.

The landfill does not accept the weekly collection of household waste; the Cassburn site was usually open for residents on weekends and accepted limited waste. Household waste is trucked to Lafleche Environmental Inc, part of GFL Environmental Inc., in Moose Creek.

There was a 20 per cent increase in the value of construction permits issued in Champlain Township between 2020 and 2021. In 2020, 453 permits were issued for a total of $17,205,746 worth of construction. In 2021, 483 permits were issued, which had a value of $20,798,439 in construction. In 2020, 23 new residential units were built, while 21 were built in 2021.