To The Editor,
Hey, let’s chat for a bit. This pandemic is really something, I feel what it’s really done is widen the gap between the haves and the have-nots, not only in our country but worldwide.

In some countries, like Israel, the government is offering a booster to older people who might be compromised medically. In our country, in some provinces, boosters are being offered so people can go on vacation, to the Dominican Republic, or Florida. God knows, vacations are more important than trying to help countries with only 1 per cent of people who have received even one shot.

It’s almost like we’re saying, let them die. Our politicians still promise to do something but there’s a big difference between words and action, as we all know.

As for people who have chosen to not get vaccinated, that is truly your choice. In that regard all I want is if you do get the virus, and now it might be the Delta Variant, don’t go to the hospital. Stay home, self-isolate. If you die, you die – it was your choice.

Our health care workers have been giving their all through this pandemic. They are burnt; some have quit or retired. From what I understand, family doctors still aren’t seeing patients, so everyone is going to the ER. We’re being swamped again.

With all this happening, the environment is taking a back seat one more time. Our planet is overheating and it will continue to do so. Fires in the US California, all along the west coast and the middle of the country. Greece, Turkey, Siberia, BC, Manitoba, Ontario. And not only people are losing their homes, what about all the wildlife – where are they supposed to go?

But all these facts are unimportant, people are more interested in multimillionaires polluting the crap out of our air, so they can be weightless for four minutes. Speaking of our air, with all the forest fires, our lungs are being compromised severely and we will pay a very dear price in the future, if we really have one.

Words spoken by politicians are nothing but smoke, with no substance – that’s what happens when you elect someone for his last name. You see in our country, if you’re the son of an ex-prime minister, you’re given either a TV show or a country to play with.

Trees worldwide are in terrible peril. What trees don’t get burned to the ground, or dying from disease, will be harvested for the lumber, because prices are through the roof.

We’re in a lot of crap right now. Many people want to go back to what they were, and that will never happen. This virus is something we have to learn to live with or die from.

As for our Mother Earth, she’s hurting bad. Unfortunately, I believe my words fall on deaf ears.

Hope for the best.

Andy Perreault, Vankleek Hill