Lachute Town Hall. Photo: James Morgan

Lachute looks after former flood sites, contributes to health lobby group

The town of Lachute is maintaining vacant properties that were affected by flooding in the spring of 2019.

Council has given its consent for any required maintenance work. Buildings were demolished on 15 properties in April of 2019, due to the historic levels of flooding that spring along Rivière du nord.

Councillor Serge Lachance remarked that 10 homes in one were demolished and the families relocated.

“I salute the resilience and courage of these people,” Lachance said.

Coalition Santé Laurentides

Lachute council has agreed to contribute another $2,000 to the Coalition Santé Laurentides, an organization which is lobbying the Québec government to increase funding to local hospitals, in order to meet the increased demand for services resulting from population growth in the region.

Mayor Carl Péloquin said he recently attended an information meeting with other mayors of towns with hospitals and the need remains for funding which matches the local population increase.

“At the Argenteuil hospital, we need a major investment,” he said.

James Morgan

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