Spring is here! The snow is gone, the sun is shining bright and the days are getting longer.  Spring is an exciting change after a long cold winter, but with it also comes the end of ‘vacation’ time for my cash crop farmers. Winter is a much quieter season for most farmers. The milking schedule doesn’t change for dairy farmers, but there is a much-needed break from fieldwork for everyone.

These past few months of break have allowed my fiancé to be in the house a little bit more. The bond he has created with our son over the winter months is truly heart warming. Although due to COVID-19 we were not able to take a family holiday, the time it allowed us to spend together at home was much more valuable. Our little man idolizes his da-da. If he could, he would spend every second following daddy around. He loves to play in the shop, help feed the moo moos and quack quacks, and ride in the tractor. When they’re at the farm together they are always on the go. Mom is the bad guy when she shows up saying its time to go home to bed.

As moms we form unbreakable bonds with our babies, especially during the first year, but once our babies become more independent, different bonds are created with each parent. Our little guy doesn’t look up with wonder at me when I read him a book, but when daddy does its pure excitement! Probably because daddy doesn’t read to him as often, where as it’s a nightly routine with mommy. Sometimes story time is the only cuddle time I get these days. The giggles and laughter that have come out of my two boys this winter have been truly memorable. It took time, but the bond between father and son is one of a kind. He’ll deny it, but I see the pride my fiancé feels for our sons’ love of machinery, animals and wanting to be just like his daddy.

But their laid-back time together is coming to an end for another couple of months. Soon my hardworking farmers will be back to long hours in the field, stressful decision making and praying for good weather. So far, the spring melt has gone perfectly. There hasn’t been too much water lingering in the fields, and minimal frosts. Hopefully the winter wheat will survive, which would mean less planting for daddy to do.

Our little man will be happy to spend more ours in the tractor with daddy and grandpa. I’m the one who will have to adjust to the long hours on my own and the stress of figuring out when and how to feed the workers in the field. But that’s all part of farm life. Our family time together in the house may be less frequent but we get to create other memories working together to ensure we have the best cared for crops and income for our family.

Every hour we get to spend together is valuable no matter what we may be doing or how long or short that time spent is. A quick ten-minute lunch break with daddy in the field can be much more enjoyable than two hours sitting in the house watching television. Farm life teaches us how to value the small things life has to offer and we are extremely grateful to be blessed with this lifestyle.