South Nation Conservation (SNC) owns and maintains over 30 kilometres of dog-friendly recreational trails across its network of 14 conservation areas in Eastern Ontario; with more than 70,000 visitors recorded thus far in 2019.

SNC’s trails provide residents with a solitary bliss away from the routine of their busy lives by connecting people and their pets to nature. The trails also support a range of cost-effective recreational outdoor activities including walking, running, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and geocaching.

Public trails instill a commitment to responsible outdoor recreation that promotes a respect for nature and the green spaces in which we collectively enjoy. To ensure the protection of our ecologically significant public land, people and their pets are reminded to stay on marked, maintained trails.

“All of our parks are dog-friendly, and we encourage residents to get outdoors with their pets,” explains John Mesman, SNC’s Communications Lead. “But we politely remind residents to leash their dogs, yield to others, leave plants and wildlife undisturbed, and to clean-up their dog’s waste.”

Local residents Josh Gibeau and his wife Laura Ellam recently moved to Moose Creek where they find themselves walking their dog Meeka at SNC’s Warwick Forest Conservation Area in Berwick.

“It’s such a beautiful and well-maintained trail system,” says Josh. “Being mindful of others on the trail and picking up after Meeka goes a long way toward protecting our local wildlife and the environment.”

While the dog days of summer are behind us, residents can still get outdoors to take advantage of SNC’s Conservation Areas that will remain open and maintained for winter use: W.E Burton and J. Henry Tweed in Russell, Two Creeks Forest in Morrisburg, Robert Graham in Glen Stewart, and Warwick Forest in Berwick.

SNC also has agreements in place with municipal partners to groom other trails and parks, including Nokomis Park in Limoges and the Russell Recreational Trail.

Residents can plan their next local adventure at:

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Phil Duncan, Property and Approvals Assistant, [email protected], 1-877-984-2948.