Are you someone with a passionate interest in nature? Are you looking to make a difference in your community? South Nation Conservation (SNC) invites residents from across its 4,384 square-kilometer jurisdiction in Eastern Ontario to get involved and become volunteer Forest Stewards.

Forest Stewards receive free technical advice, training, and assist SNC in the management of local forests by monitoring assigned properties a few times a year in the vicinity of where they live. Participants may also undertake some duties related to site maintenance, communications and outreach.

“We own and manage over 13,000 acres of Community Forest in Eastern Ontario, and we don’t always get the chance to regularly visit properties that aren’t managed as public Conservation Areas,” explains John Mesman, SNC’s Communications Lead. “As a Forest Steward, you’re the eyes and ears on the ground reporting back to us on your observations, helping us to maintain the beauty and accessibility of your community’s natural spaces.”

SNC has been operating its Forest Stewards Program since 2010 and its popularity with local residents has been increasing ever since.  On October 30th, SNC hosted its annual Forest Steward General Meeting at its head office in Finch, which saw dozens of existing and interested Forest Stewards come together to network and share findings.

“There is no commitment too big or small,” added Mesman. “It can be as easy as going for a hike and taking note of your surroundings. Every little bit can make a big difference.”

SNC also seeks volunteers every spring to help with park cleanup; fish, wildlife and water monitoring; habitat restoration; and tree planting.

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FOR MORE INFORMATION: Phil Duncan, Properties and Approvals Assistant,
1-877-984-2948, [email protected].