The concert by Janie Renée Myner on Saturday evening at Creating Centre de créativité was an extraordinary example of a “small-town girl” who has become successful world-wide without forgetting her home-town roots.

The performance featured original lyrics and jazz music by Myner and her jazz quartet as the debut for her third CD recording entitled “#jesuisUFO” (I am Une Franco Ontarienne).

Through her unique musical style, her robust voice, and her passionate lyrics, Myner proclaims to all who will listen, who she is, without apology: proud to be a female with Franco Ontario roots, In her own maternal language, through her femininity, with a unique blend of soft fragility and intense determination, Myner inspires her audience to ponder the value of their own origins. She evokes feelings of personal loneliness, unabashed pride, sadness for the sorrows and losses of her people, both Francophones and Indigenous peoples of Canada. Courageously she bares her soul and defies anyone to challenge her resolve to be proud of her heritage and her gift for musical expression.

Those who attended the concert are richer for Myner’s gift of music, song, and laughter, through a performance of creative expression in its purest form. Her CD #jesuisUFO is on sale at Creating Centre.

The next concert at Creating Centre de créativité at 11 High Street (Corner Hwy 34 and Main Street) takes place November 9 at 8 p.m., featuring a jazz ensemble presented by Didier Chasteau entitled Les Copains d’abord. For more information, email: [email protected] or visit the website: