In the months ahead, there will be six Tim Hortons locations within a 10-kilometre radius of downtown Hawkesbury.

According to Champlain Township CAO Paula Knudsen, a building permit has been issued to a developer for a new Tim Hortons, Ultramar gas station, and convenience store at the corner of County Roads 4 and 24/Front Road West near L’Orignal.

The completion date is not yet known but the site is being prepared for construction.

There are already three Tim Hortons locations within the Town of Hawkesbury and one in Grenville.  In addition to the development near L’Orignal, another Tim Hortons is planned for Vankleek Hill.

The Tim Hortons being proposed for a property at 5630 Highway 34 next to Vankleek Hill Foodland is still in the works. A permanent easement on a residential property is required to enable connection to the sanitary sewer connection, allowing P.G.B. Developments Inc. to access the services via the private easement from Stephens Street to Highway 34. Champlain Township council approved the application for the easement at its regular council meeting on August 6; the final approval rests with the United Counties of Prescott and Russell. Sanitary sewer services would be installed from Stephens Street, along the easement, to and then under Highway 34 to connect to the Tim Hortons on the west side of the highway.

The easement is about four metres wide by 42.71 metres long along the northerly property line of 5613 Highway 34. (The property access is via Highway 34, but the rear of the property abuts Stephens Street.) Road cut permits are also required from the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (MTO) and Public Works.

A neighbour on Stephens Street has concerns about potential impacts to their foundation and existing cedar hedge; these concerns have been transmitted to the developer’s consultant for review and consideration as part of the detailed design during Site Plan approval.

(With info from Louise Sproule)