Champlain Township will be posting speed limit signage on Bangs Road, setting the speed limit at 60 kilometres per hour, similar to the speed limit on Greenlane Road West. The cost to install signs is about $300, according to a Public Works report, which was part of the agenda for the May 7 Champlain Township Committee of the Whole meeting.

The speed limit by-law and sign installation are the result of a complaint about speeding vehicles on Bangs Road. Although the complainant thought the speed limit was 60 kilometres per hour, during investigation, the Public Works department confirmed that there was no existing by-law or speed limit in effect, nor were there any signs in place.

Cross culvert installation, resurfacing of part of Nixon Road

A cross culvert replacement on Nixon Road will take place as a joint project with the Township of North Glengarry. Nixon Road is a boundary road between the two municipalities. The primary reason for replacement is due to safety reasons for the travelling public.

The work will be coordinated with the granular surface repairs and a ditching project planned for the summer of 2019, according to the Public Works department.

R. W. Tomlinson, the contractor who is working on a reconstruction projecct for Highway 417, has offered to give 15,000 MT of asphalt grinding to the two municipalities at no cost; Champlain Township’s public works department will use this material to resurface part of Nixon Road. The cross culvert replacement is within the same section of the road slated for resurfacing and the cross culvert will be replaced before applying the surface material.

The provision of asphalt grindings will save the two municipalities $172,750; the estimated replacement cost of the cross culvert is $20,000 for materials, equipment and labour.

Closure of High Street access to Methot Street, which will become one-way

The Public Works department report also included information about the closure of the Methot Street entrance where it meets High Street. Part of the work currently taking place on High Street, to complete water and sewage upgrades and resurfacing, Methot Street will be one-way from the intersection of Pearl Street to the intersection of Main Street West and is designated for use of one-way traffic only in a northern direction. The section of Methot Street from Pearl Street to the intersection of High Street will be designated for use only by emergency first responders and township winter maintenance operations.