More joint discussions are going to take place before a medical cannabis production project goes ahead in Brownsburg-Chatham.

In April, council approved a zoning change that establishes two agricultural (A3) zones on property near St-Philippe to permit AAA Trichomes to construct and operate an indoor cannabis growing and processing facility at the site.

Under the new designation, the property is designated as A-128-1 and A-132-1, and nearby residents are not pleased.  They have previously stated concerns about traffic and security.

Following the passage of the zoning changes, they had petitioned the town for a referendum on the decision, which is permitted under Québec law.  However, at the May 7 council meeting, Director-General Hervé Rivet announced that before a referendum goes ahead, the town instead wants to try having discussions between the company, municipality, and residents in order to reach a compromise.

Mayor Catherine Trickey said the suspension is designed to ensure another solution can be found.

Resident Michel Leclair, who has been one of the most vocal critics of the plan, was disappointed with the suspension.

“They didn’t tell the people what they’re doing with it,” he said.

Leclair said council failed to make a decision and is not being open.

He suspected that the town is trying to preserve the project because of the employment it will create.

The town has publicly stated that the medical cannabis production facility could create 400 jobs.