At its March 25 meeting East Hawkesbury council approved a list of recipients for grants to be distributed to organizations within the municipality, thanks to $10,000 in funding received from the United Counties of Prescott and Russell.

The Friends of the MacDonell-Williamson House will receive $500, the Canada Day Committee for East Hawkesbury will receive $2,000, the Prescott County Dairy Club will receive $500, the Antique Day Committee will receive $2,000, organizers of Halloween activities in St-Eugene will receive $500, the Prescott County Plowmen’s Association will receive $500 and the Dames Fermières Chute-à-Blondeau will receive $1,500, while the St-Eugène Recreation Committee will receive $1,000 and the Ottawa River Festival will receive $1,500.

Council also declared that the Antique Day Celebrations in Ste-Anne-de-Prescott is a community festival, in order to facilitate indoor and outdoor festivities, including acquiring a liquor permit for the event.

Council also approved the renewal of the agreement for the purchase of services at a cost of $4,906 in 2019 from the Champlain Township Public Library Board.

The Township of East Hawkesbury also approved a $300 bursary for a student graduating from École Secondaire publique Le Sommet.

Council reviewed estimates for new blinds for the municipal office; the estimate came in at about $6,000. The minutes include a note that council is asking that not more than $5,000 be spent for blinds.