East Hawkesbury council cost taxpayers $72,570.18 in 2018, according to the statement of remuneration and expenses presented at the council’s regular monthly meeting, which took place on March 25, 2019.

East Hawkesbury Mayor Robert Kirby was paid $13,152.02 in salary, $2,500 in conference allowance and a mileage allowance of $750, for a total of $16,402.02.

Deputy Mayor Richard Sauvé received $10,762.31, councillor Karina Sauvé was paid $10,762.31 and councillor Stéphanie Sabourin received $11,012.31. All three each received $2,500 in conference allowances and collected no mileage costs.

Councillor Simon Rozon was paid $12,470.53 as a salary, received $3,060 in conference allowance and was paid $389.70 in mileage, for a total of $15,920.23.

In all salaries totalled $58,370.48, conference allowances totalled $13,060 and mileage allowances totalled $1,139.70.