The Champlain Library welcomes landscape painter Joyce Pihl with an exhibit of two of her works; “Field of Gold” and “Sloping Hill”.

Joyce Pihl has been a painter for almost 45 years. She was born in the U.S. and studied drawing and painting for most of her adult years.  Ever since she could remember she seemed to always have a crayon or pencil in her hand copying photos from newspapers, magazines or any image she could get her hands on. Her first set of oil paints was given to her at the age of ten by her professional photographer aunt and the rest is history. She took every drawing and painting class in elementary and high school.

From there she went on to university where she received a BA in Art History and Studio (drawing and painting), then an MA in Art History and Painting. From graduate school she then moved to Montreal in 1966 and taught at 32 years at Dawson College in Montreal, in the Visual Arts Department. During this time period she also received a diploma in Art Therapy from Concordia University. She retired from teaching in 2001 and in 2007, she moved to Eastern Ontario.

She became an artist because she loved interpreting what she saw in nature.  As a young girl, she became an amateur photographer when she was first given a camera at the age of ten – a brownie camera. She used the images as a reference to work from which she still does today. She must have well over 25,000 or more images between her iPad, iPhone and lap top plus photos printed over the decades.

Pihl’s work will be on display at the Champlain Library until April.  For more information please call the library at 613-678-2216 or visit