Work has been underway for several weeks now, as volunteers, led by Lorie Turpin, have set about recreating the Community Patchwork Mural, which had undergone weathering and fading since its installation at the main intersection of Vankleek Hill several years ago.

The project is part of an overall look at restoring or at least, commemorating Vankleek Hill’s Historical Murals.

The painting work is happening in space on the second storey of Vankleek Hill’s Creating Centre, located at 12 High Street. There are 15 panels in all and work is underway on four panels at the moment, says coordinator Lorie Turpin.

Turpin is currently working on finding another space in which she can prime the pieces of plywood which are being used for the panels. She said that she did paint the first four indoors at the Creating Centre, but said that the odour from the priming paint was quite strong, so she is looking for space which has ventilation in order to expedite the priming process.

Local artist Laura Kral is repainting one of the panels for the Community Patchwork mural in Vankleek Hill.

Can you help?

No artistic talent is needed for some parts of the Community Patchwork, said Turpin, as outlines for the quilt patterns on the outside of the mural are easy to replicate for those who can paint in between the lines. Local artist Laura Kral is currently working on painting a scene with cows in it and Turpin herself is working on the portraits of those who were in an image of a group of women who were quilting.