First the very first time, Farm Fest – a music festival – came to Vankleek Hill, bringing the promise of a weekend filled with all sorts of rock, punk and, of course, a huge dose of heavy metal.

Even though still in its infancy, the new festival took its first steps with pride over the weekend, presenting band after band to those present for two days.

Local legends Open Stitches made a triumphant return on Saturday night, after an 11-year hiatus. Definitely a crowd favourite, many seemed quite thrilled to see them again. (Photo credit: Cedrik Bertrand)

The first Farm Fest didn’t have any alcohol on site, but that fact did allow anyone interested in participating to come and enjoy the music.

Spectators from every age group were present. (Photo credit: Cedrik Bertrand)

Farm Fest is first and foremost a passion-fueled endeavour from a handful of local guys who wanted to bring what they love to their hometown.

Farm Fest was organized by members of Autumna, who kickstarted Saturday evening with an energy-filled, heavy set. Autumna is Benjamin Chasse (guitar), Anthony Campbell (vocals), Nicolas Simon (drums), Vincent Lessard (bass) and event organizer Steven Deslauriers (guitar). (Photo credit: Cedrik Bertrand)

For more information on Farm Fest, please read Review article “Farm Fest brings heavy metal, punk and rock to the Vankleek Hill fairgrounds“, published on May 15, 2018.

Can’t wait to see what they’ll do the second time around.