The second edition of PINCON was, quite simply, a heartfelt love letter. On both June 2 and 3, 2018, the numerous curious who attended PINCON at the Vankleek Hill Arena got to try every type of pinball machine imaginable on free play.

Attendance was good, and while many came to pay homage to this subculture, there were so many pinball machines present that waiting for a turn was virtually a non-issue.

Moreover, video game lovers got to play on classic cabinets.

Fans of competition got to try their luck at one of the pinball tournament divisions or at a Mortal Kombat II tournament (the videogame, not actual, to-the-death mortal combat).

There was also food, drinks, tattoos and various arcade vendors on-site.

Finally, if owning  a pinball machine or arcade cabinet has been a life-long dream, many of the PINCON participant collectors have vintage pinball machines for sale and many vendors hold all the parts you need to build or fix your own.

To know more about PINCON, please refer to Review article “PINCON – A celebration of all things pinball and arcade — returns for a 2nd edition at the Vankleek Hill Arena” (, published on May 7, 2018.

From clowns to knights; from zombies to Playboy, there were pinball machines for any context. (Photo credit: Cedrik Bertrand)

One of the highlights of the convention was undoubtedly The Table Pong Project’s real-life, massive PONG table, which emulates, in the physical space, what PONG plays like on a screen. It’s difficult to explain with words, so check out (Photo credit: Cedrik Bertrand)

PINCON’s true origins; the convention began as a flea market for pinball and arcade cabinet collectors. Even today, many vendors show up with pinball pieces and arcade cabinet boards (to name but a few items for sale). (Photo credit: Cedrik Bertrand)