What a way to kick off June. This year’s VKH Trash and Treasure was blessed by beautiful weather, amazing participation and, of course, STUFF. But, why limit ourselves to words when describing this amazing day? Here are a few windows into the 2018 edition of Trash & Treasure.

Walking around Vankleek Hill during Trash & Treasure is enough to make anyone dizzy. While a lot goes on downtown, it’s always worth going off the beaten path. (Photo credit: Cedrik Bertrand)

St-Jude Catholic School staff and students held a BBQ to raise funds for the school while grade 8 students helmed a car wash to pay for their field trip to Québec City. (Photo credit: Cedrik Bertrand)

If you had just bought that really expensive sink for your kitchen, walking around Vankleek Hill on the morning of June 2 might have made you think twice. (Photo credit: Cedrik Bertrand)

Elena, one of Trash & Treasure’s youngest vendors, managing her family’s inventory. (Photo credit: Cedrik Bertrand)

A young shopper trying to decide if those rare, collector Hot Wheels are really worth it, after all. Welcome to the world of “collecting”. (Photo credit: Cedrik Bertrand)

Firefighters manned VKH’s main intersection, trying to fill their boots with funds for Muscular Dystrophy Canada. (Photo credit: Cedrik Bertrand)

Jan Amell and mother Audrey selling toys and various childhood memorabilia in front of her studio. (Photo credit: Cedrik Bertrand)