To The Editor,

I am a retired plumber having been in the Montreal construction trade for four decades. Competition is fierce in Montreal. To grow a business and maintain clientele, one has to provide certain advantages such as; answering phone calls and returning messages, showing up on time and on the agreed date, guaranteeing quality material and workmanship.

My experiences as a consumer since arriving in Dalkeith during the winter of 2011 are as follows:

Master home builder giving a starting date after his repair estimate is agreed on and after I completely gutted the kitchen plumbing, wiring, counters and wall. He never showed up or responded to repeated phone calls and messages.

Foundation repair company injecting a liquid compound to stop water infiltration through a crack every time it rained, returning one month later and stating that the product is doing its job even though water was still penetrating the wall.

Having a wheel bearing replaced by a licensed garage and one week afterwards, having it replaced the second time but being charged again because it’s not the mechanics’ fault. I was informed that I should be happy because he could have charged me more!

A belt replaced on a four-year-old gas-powered lawnmower in 2017 and replaced and charged for a second time in 2018. The problem being……the grass!

Agreeing to an estimate and discovering that the job won’t begin until it rains! Okay, I figured that one out. The men are part-time farmers or part-time door installers.

My message and advice to business owners in these parts; ” Smarten up if you want repeat customers.”

Jerry Boroff, Dalkeith





Jerry Boroff