The Vankleek Hill Music Festival is pleased to present its 19th annual Music & Arts Summer Camp. For children 6-14 years of age, camp will take place at Vankleek Hill Collegiate Institute in Vankleek Hill from Tuesday, July 3rd to Friday, July 13th, weekdays from 8:30am – 2:45pm. This year’s musical, “Thwacked! A Fractured Tale of Frogs, Folks and Falling Skies” is guaranteed to bring smiles and laughter with plenty of action, great music and songs.

Over the course of 19 years, the music festival has grown and transformed. Beginning as a one-week camp at the end of July, classes were offered at the Convent in Vankleek Hill. Camp was meant to expand the musical experience of students already taking lessons in piano, voice and violin. From its second year onward, camp welcomed children without previous music lessons and introductory classes were offered in recorder, guitar, bell choir, and choir.

The first big transformation of the Summer Music Camp came with the addition of magicians and artists Larry Larouche and Cynthia Martin. By this time, camp had moved from the Convent to Ecole St-Gregoire and grew from one to two weeks in length at the beginning of July to accomodate the introduction of musicals as the focal point of camp. Guitar and xylophone were added to the instruments offered. The Summer Music Camp  became the Music & Arts Summer Camp.

Over the years, camp has moved its location from the convent to Ecole St-Gregoire to St.Jude Catholic Elementary School to Pleasant Corners Public School to its current location at VCI. It has also renewed itself through an evolution of teachers and instruments taught. The next big transformation will occur this year as the instrumental component of camp is transformed. While instruction in guitar, ukulele, xylophone, drum and harp will continue, they will be part of a larger whole which will more fully explore creativity, improvisation and experimentation.

Teachers include Christos Bereris, Alice Rodger, ian hepburn, Kathy Fraser-Collins, Cynthia Martin and Larry Larouche. They will be assisted by five high school student counselors.

Registration forms are available at Pleasant Corners Public School, St. Jude Catholic Elementary School, Champlain Public Library (VKH), Knox Presbyterian Church (VKH), offices of The Review (VKH), Bobby Lalonde Music (Hawkesbury) and may be downloaded from the Vankleek Hill Music and Arts Summer Camp Facebook page.

Early Bird registration closes Friday, June 1st. Regular registration closes Friday, June 15th. Limited spaces available.

For further information, please call Christos Bereris 613-676-1821 or ian hepburn 613-678-2286.