Sometimes, it’s nice to have a little extra support at home.  Most seniors want to live independently at home for as long as possible.  But as we age and start to have health challenges, some tasks can become difficult to manage.

Family and neighbours can be wonderful sources of support, whether it’s helping with yard work, cooking, cleaning, or just dropping by for a visit. Sometimes, though, family members live far away, or they are already juggling many things in their own lives, and find it difficult to manage.  Fortunately, there are many community organizations ready to support seniors so they can remain in their homes.

There are non-profit agencies in your community that provide many kinds of support to seniors and caregivers. Together, they have launched a website to help people connect more easily with their services.

This easy to navigate website can help you or a senior in your life to learn about available services like:  Meals on Wheels, transportation to medical appointments, homemaking help, friendly visiting, adult day programs, and caregiver supports.  Help is literally at your fingertips.

Reaching out early to put the right supports in place helps seniors to stay well at home. Visit the new site to learn more about what kinds of home support services are available.  You can connect directly with agencies by booking an appointment online for the service you’re interested in.