We don’t decide when we will die, but by the way we are now living our lives are we not sealing the fate of every creature and plant life that we share this planet with?

Habitat destruction, over harvesting, pesticide use, lack of biodiversity in the crops and the trees being replanted. Every creature that is not domesticated, every plant life that is not chemically enhanced or genetically modified at some point is at risk of disappearing.

Do we really need more (and more and more), or can’t we learn to truly appreciate and be grateful for all that we have?

On the course we are on now, are we not in a way acting as though we are gods, deciding who and what lives and who and what dies?

By not protecting our environment and ecosystems, and yes, the wildlife and trees, are we not preordaining how our existence will be in the very near future?

I want you to think of this planet as an island, an island in a sea of darkness. If we don’t change the course we are now travelling, and we continue the destruction, there will be nowhere to run, nowhere to go, and nowhere to hide.

This is all we have. It all comes down to respect, or the lack of it.

Andy Perreault
Vankleek Hill, ON