“Do what we love and the money will follow.” These words often serve as inspiration for entrepreneurs and small business owners to embrace our passion and take the plunge into small business ownership. In the beginning, it’s exciting, liberating and empowering, and while we quickly become very busy learning how to do more of what we love to do, the day to day details, like bookkeeping, managing cash flow, reconciling accounts and filing remittances are often left unfinished. The piles of paperwork keep growing, along with that nagging voice that keeps reminding us that there are important tasks to be completed that need someone’s attention. An up-to-date set of books provides opportunities to:

  • Improve cash flow by sending invoices out as soon as a job is completed, or before even
  • Build stronger relationships with key suppliers by paying invoices on time
  • Qualify for financing based on that excellent credit rating, which we get by always paying our credit card balance in full (not to mention the interest we save!)
  • Avoid penalties and interest by paying government remittances on time, or receiving our refund cheque on a timely basis.
  • That’s a whole lot of opportunities! Grab on to them, make them work for you and love your small business all over again!

Kimberly Fetter is an Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada – Certified Professional Bookkeeper (CPB) and founder of Tally Beans Bookkeeping Solutions. With a lifelong love for all things entrepreneurial and 17 years of business experience, Kimberly strives to add value to small business clients by streamlining bookkeeping processes through the adoption of time-saving technologies. Along with a love for small business, Kimberly and family are devoted to Vankleek Hill and contribute to many community initiatives that ensure Vankleek Hill remains a vibrant and viable region. Kimberly lives in Vankleek Hill with her husband and two daughters.

Call 613-676-2837 to speak with Kim Fetter. Or visit: www.tallybeans.com