Janice Winsor is a calm person – even serene. Some might attribute this to her natural disposition; but Winsor says she owes it to the spiritual healing she finds in crystals and semi-precious stones.

“Each stone has spiritual and healing qualities,” she explains, “if you know where to look.”

Winsor is the owner of Wild Women’s Gems, a business that offers healing crystals and personal cleansing for people and pets, as well as growing organic herbs. Based out of her home in Alfred, Winsor says she aims to “promote positive energies” in her customers.

“[This practice] kept me grounded through a very difficult period of my life,” shares Winsor. “It kept me going forward and focused on the good.”

She goes on to add that meditation and crystal therapy have helped alleviate some of her health problems, as well. “Years ago, we got our healing from our herbs, from ourselves; what I’m aiming for is just a return to basics.”

Offering spiritual services to pets is unconventional, but Winsor has met with considerable success. She was pushed to it, she says, when her dog had severe health problems that weren’t being helped by conventional medicine.

“For me, it works,” she says. “It may not work as well for the next person, but really it’s mind over matter – if you believe in it, it works.”

For more information on Wild Women’s Gems, call (613) 872-0965 or visit its Facebook page, www.facebook.com/wildwomensgems