To the editor:

From my perspective, it was interesting to read the reactions of those responding to the federal grant of $150,000. for the painting of murals on silos or if you will “PopSilos.”

Last Tuesday, Champlain Council passed a resolution to proceed with the financing of its 2016 capital projects amounting to $1,081,600. more or less. Capital in interest will amount to approximately $106,061. per year. We will see this reflected in our future budgets discussions.

The provincial debt of Ontario amounts to $298.32 billion and costs $11.3 billion to service in interest. Our federal government debt is calculated at $1.28 trillion and costs $23.9 billion to service the interest.
In short, individually we are responsible for $35,827. today. So, the question to be addressed is will $150,000. really have a huge impact in the framework of overall debt.

The answer is YES.

And YES, the public’s’ comments demonstrate the importance of voicing their opinion to all levels of government to practice fiscal responsibility, for what we do today may appear to be insignificant, it will have long term effects and definitely impact the future of your children’s children’s children.
That’s my rant for today.

Jim Walsh