To the editor:

In the current issue of the Review, several readers have commented on the need for leadership and action to protect and restore the historic murals in Vankleek Hill. The Arbor Gallery Cultural Centre (AGCC) shares their concern that this unique collection of murals – a key cultural asset that engages all members of and visitors to our community – is deteriorating before our eyes.
The murals are literally part of the fabric of our community and also a direct link to the legacy of the late Phil Arber and the work of the local fine artists who created them. Vankleek Hill will be much diminished if they are lost.

The AGCC recently launched a two-year project to protect and restore the murals as a priority for our visual arts program. We are currently assessing the condition of the murals, consulting with artists and experts on options, and applying for grants to fund the restoration work. Anyone interested in assisting or supporting this project should contact Derek Evans (derek[email protected]) or leave a message at the AGCC (613 518 2787).

Derek G. Evans
Vankleek Hill