On the occasion of the Caregiver Recognition Day. The City of Lachute is pleased to launch its brand new Biblio-Aidants program. The Biblio-Aidants is, for caregivers and is coordinated by the Public Libraries will be located in more than 250 libraries throughout Quebec, including the Jean-Marc-Belzile Library. This program will offer 15 free thematic workbooks. Available on the libraries.ca website to educate caregivers about illnesses and subjects they face on a daily basis. These workbooks include a list of organizations, relevant web sites and reading suggestions, all analyzed and validated by graduate librarians. These notebooks, inform mines of caregivers and will be available in the libraries for borrowing or to be consulted on the spot. People can also consult them for free on the website and print them out as required. The notebooks are written according to 15 themes.