To the Editor,

I appreciate the contributions of those who write letters to the editor as they help me learn about the area. And, for their attempts to shine a light where some may not want it to shine, revealing the dark places in our society that many want to avoid or sleepwalk past.  I do not always agree with them, but they provide perspectives that are different from mine.

I also appreciate the presence of The Review in this area for the many ways it helps me understand this place where I have lived for only a little over two years. I enjoy Louise Sproule’s contributions through her editorials, her column, and appreciate her efforts to help these communities be better places.

I encourage your readers to consider the importance of being part of caring communities and taking time to build strong mutual relationships.  It might be dark to recognize that the next decade or two will be harder to navigate than any decade we have experienced in the past, and possibly more deadly.  In a world where our governments do not seem to understand what is happening and what is needed beyond the next election, it is vital we take time to build connections and to learn more about where we are. The Review helps us do this.  Thank you.


Jim Kenney

East Hawkesbury

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