Customers at the McDonald’s restaurant in Hawkesbury gave a bit extra when they ordered their Big Mac’s or Quarter Pounders on Wednesday, May 10.

Proceeds from the annual McHappy Day, which also raises funds for Ronald McDonald House, collected $6,202.70 in Hawkesbury for the Hawkesbury and District General Hospital (HGH) Foundation.

The HGH Foundation will use the funds to support the Children’s Rehabilitation Program of Eastern Ontario at HGH. This program helps children regain their mobility, strength and flexibility, or it helps them adapt to their condition following an accident or illness. The program also helps children living with a developmental delay or other condition improve their co-ordination and their communication so they can reach their full potential.

“Your generosity will help us to purchase intervention materials and standardized assessments manuals, as well as to obtain various equipment in order to be able to continue to offer quality services for our clients. We are all very grateful and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts,” said HGH Speech-Language Pathologist and Team Lead Carolyne Dion.

“We are so grateful to the community for their generous support of this event. We would also like to recognize the kindness of Mr. Louis Giguère, the franchise owner of the Hawkesbury McDonald’s restaurant, as well as of his entire team at the restaurant, for their support and hard work! We appreciated having the opportunity to raise funds for the Children Rehabilitation Program of Eastern Ontario at HGH!” said HGH Foundation Executive Director Erin Tabakman.

On May 10, a portion of all menu purchases that day was donated to the HGH Foundation. Guests could also make a donation directly to the Foundation or buy fun items, such as socks, sunglasses, tangle puzzles, and even cute teddy bears. The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) and the OPP Auxiliary were on site all day to collect donations and to offer their EZ Child Identification Program. The Hawkesbury Fire Department was also at the restaurant in the afternoon to help collect donations and offer some fire prevention materials. The HGH Foundation wishes to thank them for their time and support!

The HGH Foundation particularly wishes to thank all those who visited the McDonald’s restaurant in Hawkesbury on McHappy Day!